“I walked into a dark alley somewhere near our compound. I was use to doing the rounds every night. Lord knows I was tougher than most of the males around. I had taught myself how to use a gun and how to survive. No one, not even the hard core survivalists thought that the world would end the way that it did.”

Eighteen-year-old Ethnee Daffy is a freedom fighter, fighting the evils of the apocalypse. For the last 3 years she has battled down Zombies and weird looking government officials. However, her life changes when she meets Aiden a Zombie who claims that he is still half human and that he knows how to cure humanity. Will Aiden and Ethnee find the cure to save humanity?

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    Undead Reviews

  • Elizabeth

    This is not a review but comment doesn't this girl look like Tsubaki from soul eater?...

  • Katie

    Not a review but comment as to the fact ive seen this art several years ago. Something feels off about the cover, not sure it's legit....

  • janie love