Sweet Dreams Are Made of Teeth

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Teeth

Have you ever had the nightmare of being chased by a beast?

Then you’ve met Fang.

He’ll be the first to admit that he’s a very simple nightmare. All he knows is hunting your dreams and dragging them into the Dark.

He’s not ready for his life to get complicated. He’s not ready to be dragged into his best friend’s schemes to make dreams so terrifying they break people. He’s not ready to love, or to be loved, or to meet someone who makes him happy.

He’s definitely not ready for those to be three different girls.

He’s not ready to grow up.

When he does, one thing will stay the same. He’ll stay an artist, and he’ll paint your dreams with fear until they’re beautiful.

Title:Sweet Dreams Are Made of Teeth
Edition Language:English
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    Sweet Dreams Are Made of Teeth Reviews

  • Peter Millane

    I am so glad I stumbled upon this through some amazon recommendation engine magic.This is a book about dreams, the strongest and most well formed of which take on their own personalities and lives. Na...

  • Aldo Varela

    i came to know Richard Robert as an Author thanks to his Supervillian Series, and browsing through his works i came to find this little marvelous piece of fiction, Sweet Dreams are Made of Teeth is ab...

  • Mockery

    Dark, deep, and more than a little beautiful....

  • Isaac

    I wasn't sure I would like this book at first, but it quickly grew on me. Fantasies and nightmares. Angels and demons. And the odd dreamer. This novel painted a motion picture, shadowy and vivid, that...

  • Rachel R.

    I generally like Richard Roberts' books. This was his first "non-children's book" that I read. It has interesting characters, an idea of the dream/nightmare world that I have never seen before, and wa...


    All in all, a very different and unpredictable book with a unique, fresh story and characters that don't quite fit into worn-in archetypical roles - beautiful in its broad strokes, but falls short upo...

  • Susie

    This review can be found on my blog: http://susreviews.blogspot.com/2013/0...4.5 starsIn the world of dreams, there are two sides: the side where the happy dreams are made and then there is the side w...

  • Nikki Tetreault

    I literally just finished the novel, and my head is still spinning, this was a fantastic read. I am an avid reader of fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi, and I have NEVER came across a novel like this. A...

  • Ionia

    At first this book kind of reminded me of a Piers Anthony book, with the crazy cast of fun characters, but as I read on, the author really grew into his own. This book is not only fun, but you never k...

  • Shannon Lane

    I find that I enjoy gems like this - unexpected and unusual settings, a hero honestly like nothing I've really ever read before, and a world that combines mythology and imagination in ways I still don...