Twisted Sister of Mine

Twisted Sister of Mine

Little Sister - Big Trouble...

Justin Slade is living on borrowed time.

The vampire curse is gnawing away at his body and sanity. Because the cure might lie in his special kind of magic, Justin goes to Arcane University in a desperate attempt to unlock his powers.

When he runs into his little sister, Ivy, he realizes this might be his chance to convince her he's not evil. Even better, she might be able to cure him if her shape-shifting protector, Bigglesworth, doesn't eat him first.

The Overworld Chronicles Series order:
Book 1: Sweet Blood of Mine
Book 2: Dark Light of Mine
Book 3: Fallen Angel of Mine
Book 4: Dread Nemesis of Mine
Book 5: Twisted Sister of Mine
Book 6: Dearest Mother of Mine
Book 7: Infernal Father of Mine
Book 8: Sinister Seraphim of Mine
Book 9: Wicked War of Mine
Book 10:Dire Destiny of Ours

Title:Twisted Sister of Mine
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    Twisted Sister of Mine Reviews

  • John Corwin

    Book 1: Sweet Blood of MineBook 2: Dark Light of MineBook 3:Book 1: Sweet Blood of MineBook 2: Dark Light of MineBook 3: Fallen Angel of MineBook 4: Dread Nemesis of MineBook 5: Twist...

  • PepperP0t

    Beta reading for this series gives me an opportunity to read this before everyone else. A lot! After putting it down and coming back to the series with fresh eyes was great. I could appreciate the tim...

  • Alana ~ The Book Pimp

    Check out the latest installment and meet Justin's twisted little sister. *Fangirl Squeal* OK. I'm trying to hold it in, really. One final re-read of the final and I will add a link to my full review....

  • Cassidy

    Seriously, there's just something here that makes me cling on to the story. I love this world and all the characters, and while 70% in, came to the realisation that when this series finishes, it'll be...

  • Jennifer Medios

    I can't believe I'm breezing through the series so quickly! An easy and entertaining read thus far!...

  • Joan

    The basic summary of this is just Justin at school-The Bad-Shelton's attitude sucked but we learned a bit more about him so whatever. You can be an asshole without making certain comments.Most of the ...

  • Pamela Cunningham

    This is the fifth book in the Overworld Chronicles As in all this authors previous books there's a ton of action a lot of emotional connections between the characters . Wrongs are brought into the lig...

  • Laurie Hopkins

    GoodJustin and his gang are such a wonderful group of human/nonhuman. They all have their quirks that make us adore them. Out of the newest additions I love the Scottish professor the most, and Cinder...

  • Jamie Gordon

    Amazing I truly love this book series it has so many awesome and amazing twists and turns keeps you on your toes you literally can’t put it down until it’s done I’m going to be truly sad when th...

  • Amy

    Nerd on haywireDark versus light and they collide in an arena here there and everywhere while weird magical creatures abound. Cuteness overload on a cute puppy...