Enchanted Forests

Enchanted Forests

The enchanted forest is a place both terrifying and inviting, a region where monsters lurk and treasure may be found, a world peopled by evil witches and wise hermits, woodcutters and hunters, enchanted creatures and those of elfinkind. Here are 25 tales created especially for this volume by some of today's most imaginative crafters of the fantastic.

WOODWORK – Humor and ingenuity are part of the job requirements
The Forest's Not for Burning by Katherine Lawrence
"I'll Give You Three Wishes...." by Kevin Andrew Murphy
The Triple Death by Ken St. Andre
Out of the Woods by Lawrence Watt-Evans

SPEAKING WORDS – The view from the branches
Viridescence by Connie Hirsch
Fiat Silva by Jack Oakley
Weeds by Brook West and Julia H. West
Benbow by Nancy Etchemendy

INHERITANCES – Different dances to a single tune
The Prism of Memory by Jo Clayton
The Force That Through the Green Fuse by Mark Kreighbaum
My Soul Into the Boughs by Teresa Edgerton

THE SCARS OF WAR – Echoes in flesh and wood
These Shoes Strangers Have Died Of by Bruce Holland Rogers
The Clearing by Lois Tilton

VICTORIAN VARIATIONS – New shoots from an old trunk
How the Ant Made a Bargain by Karawynn Long
In Fear of Little Nell by Gregory Feeley

THE NEW WORLD THAT NEVER WAS – Branchings from history
Wood Song by Kate Daniel
Virginia Woods by Janni Lee Simner

IMPOSSIBLE LOVES – Joy comes in many shapes
Ties of Love short fiction by Lawrence Schimel
The Heart of the Forest by Dave Smeds
Holy Ground by Thomas S. Roche
Ghostwood novelette by Michelle West

SANCTUARY – There is danger in the Forest but also peace
The Monsters of Mill Creek Park novelette by Susan Shwartz
The Memory of Peace novelette by Kate Elliott
Everything Has a Place by Barbara A. Denz
Trees Perpetual of Sleep by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

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  • Corinne

    The Forest's Not for Burning by Katherine Lawrence 2.5* a detective travels in the magical realm and the human realm to solve a "crime"."I'll Give You Three Wishes...." by Kevin Andrew Murphy 3.5* a w...

  • Salimbol

    [3 and 1/2 stars]Solid if mostly unremarkable collection of tree-themed fantasy stories. Kudos, though, to the editors for assembling such an variety of stories around that theme, and it gets an extra...

  • Cheryl

    My favorite flights of fancy included: Out of the Woods by Lawrence Watt-Evans; Fiat Silva by Jack Oatley; and These Shoes Strangers Have Died Of by Bruce Holland Rogers. There are a lot of great stor...

  • Susan

    The Forest's Not for Burning • (1995) • shortstory by Katherine Lawrence"I'll Give You Three Wishes...." • (1995) • shortstory by Kevin Andrew MurphyThe Triple Death • (1995) • shortstory ...