Black Girl Dangerous on Race, Queerness, Class and Gender

Black Girl Dangerous on Race, Queerness, Class and Gender

Mia McKenzie, creator of the enormously popular website Black Girl Dangerous, writes about race, queerness, class and gender in a concise, compelling voice filled at different times with humor, grief, rage, and joy. Her nuanced analysis of intersecting systems of oppression goes deep to reveal the complicated truths of a multiply-marginalized experience. McKenzie tackles the hardest questions of our time with clarity and courage, in language that is accessible to non-academics and academics alike. She is both fearless and vulnerable, demanding and accountable. Hers is a voice like no other.

"One of the most provocative and insightful writers of our generation."
-Aura Bogado, Colorlines

"A fierce voice among a generation of queer and trans folk of color."
-Janet Mock, New York Times Bestselling Author of "Redefining Realness"

"Tough-love activism at its best-straightforward, challenging, whip-smart, and uncompromising."
-Andi Zeisler, Bitch Magazine

Title:Black Girl Dangerous on Race, Queerness, Class and Gender
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    Black Girl Dangerous on Race, Queerness, Class and Gender Reviews

  • Erica

    Terrific compilation of Mia McKenzie's work. Valuable discussions about racial justice, queer issues, and feminism from an opinionated and talented writer.I can't say what this book means for POC, but...

  • K

    If an alien came to earth and asked for a perfect book on what it meant to be Black and Queer during the age of Tumblr, I would hand them this book....

  • Laura

    Bite sized essays on American dysfunction from the perspective of a young, queer person of color. Funny, insightful, and occasionally agonizing. Well worth the time. ...

  • l.

    I appreciate that this is a collection of blog posts and that it doesn’t make sense to criticize the pieces for not being dissertations but some points:1.I don’t think not immediately dismissing a...

  • Lindsay

    My only regret is that I didn't read this sooner, and now I'm bummed to learn that BGD just ceased to be. Everything is just as relevant as it was 3+ years ago. I've got a lot of work to do....

  • Spencer Adams

    Easily one of the most accessible and poignant books I’ve read about intersectionality. Completely forces the reader to evaluate their own identity and privilege....

  • Dontana

    Lately, I've found myself intrigued by black and queer writings. Not just black writings, though, all people of color. My role in the library has allowed me to examine the types of books that are bein...

  • Briar

    This should be required reading for white people lmao. Not for the faint of heart....

  • Kelia

    The novel Black Girl Dangerous is phenomenal, and life changing. The author Mia McKenzie voices her opinion about many social issues that affect transgender people of color. She fights against stigmas...

  • Amanda

    If you haven't been formally introduced to BGD and Mia McKenzie, THIS is the excellent compilation of Executive Director/Creator/Editor-In-Chief McKenzie-authored posts to begin with. "With its focus ...