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Anson's army has driven Raina from the mainland, but the war is far from over. From the safety of Catalina Island, she launches a guerrilla campaign, meaning to weaken him cut by cut.

She finds herself matched at every step by his grimly determined lieutenant, Lowell. With progress slower than expected, Raina is forced to accept the creation of a war council. But the council's will to fight is weakening by the day. Pressured by her enemies and from within, Raina soon finds her grip on the island slipping.

But the threat of losing her people is nothing compared to the threat Ness and his alien friend Sebastian have discovered across the Pacific.


The seventh post-apocalyptic Breakers novel, RELAPSE is the setup to the explosive series finale.

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    Relapse Reviews

  • Carole

    Good book, love the return of Ness and Sebastian, again he managed to keep the reader so interested that you just had to know how it finished, Hurry and bring out the next book please as I am really l...

  • Doug Peters

    I'm so close to giving this a 4/5 because of Raina and Lowell, a new character. Their development and backstory, respectively, saved what was very much a middle-of-a-trilogy story. Weird for the 7th b...

  • Christian

    Ness and Sebastian are the funniest combo in the book. I love the banter they have with each other especially towards the end during some stressful parts. "NESS WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO FOREVER PARK THE S...

  • Lisa

    Too Good for WordsI never want this fantastic series to end. It's just THAT GOOD. Excellent character development and story intrigue that simply compels you to keep reading. It's funny, sad, scary, an...

  • Karlyn

    I’ve enjoyed this installation in the story line. I like the story arc and am looking forward to the final. I enjoy these characters and the culmination of their story lines....

  • Joanne

    can't wait til next bk, but it's the last one so will wait a bit!!!...

  • Jan

    Love this series....

  • Barry Bozeman

    The best deals on this series for audible listeners is to purchase the Kindle version and add the Audible for $8 = $11 or 12 for both versions vs $15 for Audible only. 5Many of the new post-apocalypti...

  • Brian Switzer

    The best book of the series Readers of The Breakers series have come to know its characters like they know their friends (or in some cases their enemies) and Relapse, the seventh and penultimate book ...

  • Vic Falconer

    Another excellent book in this series!!This has been a truly entertaining read for me. Robertson has once again paced the action very well and overlapped the differing character stories into a cohesiv...