Shadows over Innsmouth

Shadows over Innsmouth

Librarian Note: Please do not confuse this anthology with the original novella "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" by H.P. Lovecraft. Although "Shadows Over Innsmouth" includes the said novella, the book is a collection of Innsmouth-related stories by a number of later authors and not a single story or novel. You might also consider moving your personal rating and/or review to the appropriate page if you have read only the novella.



Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s classic, today’s masters of horror take up their pens and turn once more to that decayed, forsaken New England fishing village with its sparkling treasure, loathsome denizens, and unspeakable evil.

“ONLY THE END OF THE WORLD AGAIN” by Neil Gaiman: The community of Innsmouth performs a blood sacrifice–with shocking, terrifying results.

“THE CHURCH IN HIGH STREET” by Ramsey Campbell: In the crypt of a derelict church, a sensible young man meets a bestial, unthinkable fate.

“INNSMOUTH GOLD” by David Sutton: An adventurer searches for buried treasure–and discovers a slithering hell on earth.

“THE BIG FISH” by Jack Yeovil: A few months after Pearl Harbor, a mobster and his floating casino lie under water, teeming with the stuff of nightmares.


Title:Shadows over Innsmouth
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    Shadows over Innsmouth Reviews

  • Quirkyreader

    Five stars all around for this one. I am glad that I read this series backwards. I was able to see how the stories of the mythos had evolved over the years....

  • Jonathan Briggs

    For an ostensible expert on the horror genre, Stephen Jones can pick some real duds for his anthologies, and this is one of his dudliest. The inclusion of some of these clunkers -- lousy even by the l...

  • Mark

    Titan Books are re-releasing this series of books, originally from 1994 by Fedogan and Bremer. The first,Shadows over Innsmouth, would make a terrific Halloween read, if you were looking for something...

  • Roger

    I thought I had found a real gem when I found Shadows Over Innsmouth. Not only did it feature the original HP Lovecraft tale but apparently used it as a springboard for a series of all new stories reg...

  • Lyndon Perry

    If you aren't familiar with the word "furtive", you will be by the time you finish this anthology. What can I say about Shadows over Innsmouth. It's a compilation of authors and as such there were par...

  • Mir


  • Andy

    It took me a while to get through this collection. I would say this is not something you'd read cover-to-cover and I can't imagine tackling the other collections "Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth" or "Wei...

  • Michael

    The usual hit-and-miss collection of Lovecraftian-inspired short stories, many with a English flare given it place of publication. The highlights are from the expected authors (Campbell, Lumley, Gaima...

  • AJ

    This is a fantastic collection of short stories for those who enjoy horror. Oddly enough, I was not that impressed by the Shadows over Innsmouth. The remaining tales, however, took on an interesting t...

  • Randolph

    Excellent collection of Lovecraftian horror all somehow related to Lovecraft's The Shadow Over Innsmouth. The problem with all non-Lovecraft related "Lovecraft" stories and novels is that they are eit...